Poem of Gratitude

Gratitude Poem
Amelia Rodrigues

Lord, thank you so much!
For the air that you give to us to breath,
For the bread that feed us,
For the clothes that we wear,
For the joy that we possess,
For everything that nourish us
Thank you, for the beauty of the natural scenery,
For the birds that fly in the indigo sky
For thousands of gifts!
Thank you so much, Lord!
For the eyes that we have…
Eyes that can see the sky,
That sees the land and the sea,
That contemplate all beauty!
Eyes that are illuminate with love
Before the majestic festival of color
Of the generous Nature!
What about the ones that had lost vision?
Let me plead for them
To Your noble heart!
I know that after this life,
Beyond death,
They will see again with unchecked joy…
Thank you very much for my ears,
For the ears that You gave to me.
Thank you, Lord, because I can listen
Your sublime name, and, thus, I can love
Thank you for the ears that register:
The symphony of the life,
In work, in pain and in joy…
The moaning sung by the wind
In the branches of the willow,
The painful tears of the entire world
And the distant voice of the singer…
What about the ones that had lost the ability to hear?
Let me plead for them…
I know that in Your kingdom
They will be able to hear again.
Thank you, Lord for my voice.
But also for the voice that loves,
For the voice that sings,
For the voice that helps,
For the voice that assists,
For the voice that teaches,
For the voice that illuminates…
And for the voice that speaks of love,
Thank you Lord!

I suffer when I remember those
That had lost the gift of speech,
And Your name cannot pronounce…
The ones that live tormented in the aphasia
And cannot sing at day nor at night…
I plead for them
Knowing, however, that later,
In Your Kingdom they will speak.
Thank you Lord, for these hands that are mine
Handspikes of the action, the progress, the redemption
I am thankful for the hands that wave goodbyes,
For the tender hands,

That helps in the bitter times;
For the hands that caress,
For the hands that elaborate laws
For the hands that heal wounded
Rectifying the suffered bodies
Balsam pains of many lives!
For the hands that work the field,
Those that support the suffering and staunch tears,
For the hands that help the ones that suffers,
The ones that bear…
For the hands that shine,
Like sublime stars in my arms!
Thank you Lord,
… For my feet that take me to march, erected,
Firm to walk;
Feet of the resignation those that follow
Humble and noble without complaining.
And for the ones that are amputated, the cripples,
The wounded and the deformed ones,
The ones that are restrained in the atonement
For illusions in others incarnation,
I plead for them and I can affirm
That in Your Kingdom, after the duties
Painful of the life,
They will be able to dance
And in sublime steps other arms to fondle…
I know that for You everything is possible
Even if to the world it seems impossible!
Thank you, Lord, for my home,
The nook of peace or school of love,
a glory mansion.

Thank you Lord, for the love that I have
And for the home that is mine…
But, if I have no home
Or friendly roof to snuggle up to
Nor another shelter to comfort me,
If I possess nothing,
Except roads as a resting bed and
Stars as a soft sheet,
And, at my side, nobody to exist,
Living and crying, alone, aimlessly…
Without somebody to console me
I will say, still singing:
Thank you Lord,
Because I love You and I know that you love me,
Because You gave me this life
Cheerful, glad, for Your love favored…
Thank you, Lord, because I was born,
Thank you, because I believe in You.
… And because you help me with love,
Today and always,
Thank You Lord!

Psychograph by Divaldo Pereira Franco
In Buenos Aires, Argentina, at 21/november/1962
Extract from the book “Sun of Hope”(“Sol de Esperança”)
Translation from the original Portuguese – Spiritist Group of Brighton-UK

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A letter from Dr. Bezerra de Menezes to his Brother

(…) I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord. I believe the church was founded by Him to teach his holy doctrine and it is assisted by the Holy Spirit. I believe in the communion of saints, the resurrection, and the life everlasting. I do not believe on the decayed angels because if so I would be denying the Omnipotence and Omniscience of Lord.

I do not believe the evil can overcome the good, creating the kingdom of Satan. I do not believe that a spirit created by God could affront, resist or destroy His plans, and even if He allows it, using the rebel to punish the rebel, because, in this case, God did not create men for the good, for happiness. I do not believe in eternal punishments because He is the Father. I do not believe in Pope’s ineffability, because that way we would have a God in heaven and another in earth. And the communion of saints means, for me, the communion of spirits.

This is my belief, and I tell you:

I truly hope and believe I will rise with Him to the eternal God’s society.

(…) Peace and love in Jesus Christ,

Our Lord.

Your brother, Adolfo.

31 May 1886

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