Mrs Marlene Marques Bezerra de MenezesAbout Us.

Our Group “Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Group UK” is a tribute to Dr. Bezerra de Menezes. He was a noble soul who committed all his life to the poor and needy. Our Group started with the initiatory energy of Mrs. Marlene Marques and was founded on May 3, 2009. At first we were just a small spiritist study group. We used to meet for almost six years. It was only on Sep. the 25th the group was opened for public meetings.

We pray to our dear Dr Bezerra de Menezes to bless us in this path.

We are a Charity at Charity Commission under the number 1152023 and at the Companies House under number 08132181.

Public Meetings.

Our public meeting intends to spread the teachings of the Spiritist message through lectures and study, offering talks and study groups. Our meetings are very interactive using power-point, based in our doctrine commentary thereon.

There is no need to register or any charge is requested. A spiritual healing is offered at the end of our meetings.

Please join us at one of our public events on Fridays from 19:00PM to 21:00PM.

Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de MenezesIn Spiritism, we find the whole earth a home of our community accomplishments , therefore, the dome of ideas is voiced and  beneficent, in support of the community. do not isolate yourselves in  any points of view whatever they are. Do study all sort of different subjects of all humanity and adjust yourselves to the progress whose car goes in motion irreversible. Observe everything and choose the ingredients that you believe to appear to be necessary to the general good. Neither systematic segregation in academic culture, not absolute seclusion in the affirmative of the sentiment.

 Dr. Bezerra de Menezes

Upcoming Events:

Join us in this fundraising event. We will have our typical ‘Feijoada” with a vegetarian option. It will cost 12,00 however you can pay online using the link below and bring the receipt printout at the day.

PayPal Link:

See you soon!





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